The costs involved in a funeral can be identified in three main sections:

1. Funeral Director Services

  • Removal of the deceased from place of death at the most suitable time for families and care facilities.
  • Full embalming, preparation and dressing, (necessary when viewing is taking place).
  • Attendance of funeral director and team at the Funeral Home, Residence, Church, Cemetery or Crematorium,
  • Publishing all necessary documents and desired announcements of arrangements.
  • Arranging of and collaboration with Clergy, Ministers, Musicians and Cemetery Staff as needed.
  • Supply of hearse and additionally selected mourning cars for any movements selected.

Including use of Funeral Home facilities, Arrangements and Supervision.

2. Coffins

Chosen by the family, appropriately mounted, with engraved nameplate and furnishings, lined in linen or rucked satin of a fitting colour.

3. Disbursements & Additional Services

At Griffin’s we will pay associated third parties, to relieve the burden on the family, on the day of the funeral.

These payments generally include:

  • Church and Clergy offerings, including the Parish Clerk & Altar Servers, where appropriate.
  • Musicians at the Church, Funeral Home, Grave and or Crematorium.
  • Grave purchase (if needed) & opening fees.
  • Obituary notices on Radio, Online and/or Newspapers.
  • Cremation Fees.
  • Coroner or Doctor’s document fees when required.
  • Any necessary gratuities.
  • Flowers & Floral tributes.
  • Mass Booklets & grave markers.


Client families will receive the funeral account four weeks after the funeral but the account can be available sooner, if needed.

We are quite understanding of different families’ budgets and are more than happy to favourably consider an individual’s financial situation regarding same.

Payment plans are welcome so please do mention any concerns when discussing the funeral arrangements.

Bereaved families can be supported financially in a number of ways.