At Home

Expected Death

If someone is terminally ill and being cared for at home, the family should keep in regular contact with their GP. This is to ensure they will verbally agree to issue a Death Notification Form (DNF) later, should anything happen outside regular hours.

When the death occurs, the GP should be notified as soon as possible. In cases where the doctor is unavailable, Shannon Doc (or an equivalent group) should be notified to Pronounce the death. The Funeral Director can then transfer the patient to the funeral home. The GP can issue the DNF in due coarse allowing the family to register the death.

Unexpected Death

In a case when someone dies suddenly or unexpectedly at home, An Garda Siochána should be notified. This is also necessary if the GP did not see the deceased at least 28 days before the death occurred or if they not fully certain of the cause of death.  The deceased then falls into the care of the Coroner, is transferred by the funeral director to the Mortuary and a post-mortem is usually necessary. 

In Care

Nursing Home / Care Facility

When a person dies in the care of a hospital, hospice, nursing home or care facility, the staff will advise and assist with obtaining the paperwork needed. The funeral Director will then liaise with their staff to arrange a suitable collection time.

Sudden or Unexpected

When someone dies unexpectedly and with no preconceived complication or illness, a post-mortem examination must be carried out. This will involve removing the deceased to the hospital by your selected funeral director, where an investigation will take place.

Upon completion of investigation the hospital will notify the Funeral Director to arrange collection.

Abroad or Repatriation

Losing a loved one abroad can be an extremely difficult and emotional time. We endeavour to make this as easy as possible for our clients. Using our vast knowledge of the industry at home and abroad, we will liaise with the funeral director abroad; the airfreight company and the foreign embassy to ensure your loved one’s safe passage back to Ireland.

When someone dies in Ireland and are to be repatriated back home;

  • The first option available to you is the deceased remains are treated medically in Ireland and shipped home in a coffin or casket.
  • Alternatively, your loved one can be cremated locally and the ashes shipped back to their country of origin.

We will liaise with the state coroner to provide paperwork; the air freight company; all foreign embassies; carry out all transfers and disburse all fees relating to the repatriation.

Death of an infant or child

The loss of an infant or child is particularly devastating to all concerned. It is our aim to assist you in the most dignified and caring way possible.